Welcome to the small bunker Company

With over hundred years of experience in the industry, our mission is to give our customers a reliable delivery service.

The company was established in 1902 in the form of a supply store.

The bunker barge Sjöbjörn was purchased in the early 1920s, when oil became increasingly in demand. The barge was used to trasport fuel to Styrsö and bunker ships in the port of Gothenburg. We sold our last bunker barge in 2000.

Today we use a large network of suppliers to provide our customers with a fast and efficient delivery service. The company is now run by the third and fourth generation Christensson. We buy, sell and distribute fuel to shipping companies, ports and ships all over Europe.

Our goal is to give our customers a personal service, a flexible overall solution for all bunker purchases. 


Oljefirma J.Christensson AB
Styrsö hamnväg 89
43084 Styrsö
Phone: + 46 31 972025
Email: info@christensson.se
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